About the Congress

Slovenian World Congress

The Slovenian World Congress (SWC) is an association founded at the end of June 1991 and is a reflection of a historical moment that united all Slovenians in effort of preserving Slovenia’s independence and achieving international recognition. SWC actively participated in the adoption of the law on Slovenians around the world and in the improvement of electoral legislation intended for our compatriots.

The SWC advocates the inclusion of Slovenians living around the world in Slovenia. The aim of the association is to establish a proper relationship between Slovenians who live abroad and those living in Slovenia, to establish contacts, new ties of reciprocity and new ways of cooperation in common interests. The Slovenian World Congress strives to achieve a better future for all Slovenians and to enhance democracy ​​in Slovenia.

  • We organize different events intended for public discussion of current political and cultural events concerning Slovenians here and around the world. Presentations of work and great achievements of Slovenian people promote the national unity and self-confidence
  • In order to improve the cooperation between Slovenians who work and live abroad with professionals in Slovenia, we launched a series of professional conferences in different scientific and academic areas. Participants enjoy the benefit of new professional relationships and the exchange of new ideas.
  • An important part of SWC activities is dedicated to younger generation. SWC organizes Youth camps for youngsters of Slovenian origins. The event binds together teenagers who live outside the borders of the Republic of Slovenia and have Slovenian origins. The main purpose of the camp is to promote interest and love for Slovenia and Slovenian language.

Several Presidents of the Republic of Slovenia, Prime Ministers of the Republic of Slovenia, Presidents of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Ministers for Slovenians Abroad gave special recognition to the SWC with honorary sponsorship over various professional conferences and other events.


Activities and projects:

  • 11 Conferences of Slovenian Physicians from Slovenia and Abroad
  • 10 Conferences of Slovenian Scientists and Entrepreneurs from Slovenia and Abroad
  • 5 Conferences of Slovenian Architects and Civil Engineers from Slovenia and Abroad
  • 4 Conferences of Slovenian Young Researcher and Students from Slovenia and Abroad
  • 2 Conferences of Slovenian Musicians from Slovenia and Abroad
  • 3 Conferences of Slovenian Legal Professionals from Slovenia and Abroad
  • 1 Conference of Slovenian Accountants, Auditors and Tax Advisors from Slovenia and Abroad, 1 Conference of Slovenian Mountaineering from Slovenia and Abroad, 1 Conference of Slovenian Tourism and Hospitality from Slovenia and Abroad, 1 Conference of Slovenian Agriculture and Forestry from Slovenia and Abroad
  • Youth camps for youngsters with classes of Slovenian language (every year since 1996)
  • Public discussion of current political and/or cultural events concerning Slovenians
  • Presentations of work and great achievements of Slovenian
  • Promotion and presentation of  topics related to Slovenians abroad in schools and kindergardens
  • Exhibitions of Slovenian artists from around the world (over 40 events)
  • Consultations on to the issues of Slovenia’s accession to the EU (15 events)
  • Literary contests
  • Excursions to visit Slovenians abroad

The activities of the Slovenian World Congress are financially supported by the Republic of Slovenia, sponsors and members.